Civil Defence Mobile Kit 4-20 Person

This mobile kit is ideal for emergencies or disasters. Containing a comprehensive range of products that are perfect for many situations in one compact kit which is easily transported. This reliable and easily accessed civil defence kit includes a large range of essential products for all types of emergencies. In a typical emergency situation.

120 litre wheelie bin – orange 1
Single Blanket, British Grey 1
Rescue Stretcher Folds in quarters with carry bag 1
Platinum Hand Sanitiser 500ml Pump Bottle 1
Survival Rescue Thermal Blanket Foil (1.32m x 2.10m) 5
Kitchen Tidy Liner Medium Rubbish Bag 27L Roll 50 1
Leather Gloves Pair for Civil Defence Bag 2
Safety Glasses Full Eye Coverage with arms 2
Ear Loop Face Masks 25
Safety Helmet Yellow Hard Hat 2
Whistle, Compass 5 in 1 Device 2
Ear Plugs (without cord) 25
Toilet Rolls 12
StayFree Pads No Wings Regular Pack 10 6
Gloves, Box 100 1
Platinum Civil Defence First Aid Kit 1
Bactroban Ointment 15g (Mupirocin) 1
Wrecking Bar – 450mm 1
Heavy duty hacksaw – 300mm 1
Bihard 12″ 24T Cobalt HSS Flexible Hacksaw Blade 5
Sledge Hammer (7lb) Fibreglass Handle 1
Long Nose Plier – 200mm 1
Torch Penlight with Wind up Dynamo 3
Aquatabs Water Purification 3.5mg Box 50 2
Duct Tape – Cloth 50mm (Silver) 3
Rope Poly R191 7mm – (Graband Go) 1
Plastic bucket 9.6 litre 2
Lantern 2in1 stretch, Mini 12 LED 1
Panasonic Alkaline AA Battery Pack 2 1
Utility knife Ampro Brand with Retractable Blade (T73777) 1
Carpenters Hammer 1
Long Nose Plier – 200mm 1
Civil Defence Glow/Light Sticks Individually Wrapped, 6″ 6
Tarpaulin Blue – 3.6m x 3.0m 1

Actual contents can sometime vary